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My last conversation with Richard 8/26/11

Richard called me in Washington D.C. to talk about school and my upcoming visit on Labor Day weekend.  I was on my way to the airport in IAD, so I said I would call him later.  I talked to him about 10 PM on my drive home, it last the entire drive and until I was in the house.  He loved his classes.  His accounting teacher was the person who had $50M donated to UT to start the business school; Richard wanted to do well in his class so he could get a recommendation.  He said Chemistry would be hard, since he hadn’t had any since 10th grade. The class was large but he had lots of friends with him.  Communications would be easy; I had Samantha Subar tell me at the viewing she had seen Richard give an “elevator” speech on class Monday 8/29.  Why he was qualified or the CEO of EXXON.  He had dropped fencing, not because of the subject, but because he didn’t want to pay $300 for equipment and spend 3 hours a week for 1 credit.  I can’t remember what he said about mechanical engineering but I knew he thought his semester would be harder.  I don’t remember what he said about math either, but I think he was registered for linear algebra.  We talked about the things we would do together when I arrived on Sunday 9/4.  He was going to stay with me at the Hilton, we were going to buy a suit at Men’s Warehouse, go to a consignment store he heard about and to BBB to buy new sheets.  As well as go to dinner somewhere. I told him I wouldn’t drive down until after church because I knew he’d want to sleep in.  It was going to be a birthday celebration, since his 20th Birthday was 9/5/11.

This was a 30 minute conversation, I could hear in his voice that he was happy to talk to me, but I can’t remember exactly what we said for 30 minutes.

I know I said “I love you, and he always said “I love you too”. But I can’t remember at this minute what the sound of his voice saying this to me.

Its very important for me to write down as many things as I can remember about the last summer with him, because I know over time I’ll forget or my memory will change the specifics.  I will write them here in this blog, where they won’t get lost in a hand written journal or lost on a crashed hard drive.  Here on the internet words live forever.


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