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Letter to my colleagues when I returned to work 9/14/11

Friend and Teammates,

I will be returning to work tomorrow, working from home part-time a couple hours each day. I’d ask for you to give me space and privacy during this difficult time.

I feel your thoughts and prayers, and know you offer me your condolences.

If you ask If I’m ok, or how I am – I’m heartbroken, I will grieve for my son every day for the rest of my life and no words can change this.

When you see me, don’t hug me, this will only bring me to tears. As parents you can only imagine the agony I am in and I know you want take on some of my burden, but this unfortunately is mine alone to bear. Please just say “Hey” and look me in the eye, your presence alone makes me feel better and communicates the kindness you feel for me.

If you ask if there is anything you can do for me or my family, please donate to the scholarship fund we have created in Richard’s name. The scholarship will be given to a college bound debate student who exemplifies Richard’s spirit and academic excellence.

I’d love to sit and share with you stories of Richard, he was the kind of kid every mother wishes for in a son. Pure, honest, never a problem, he always said to me “Don’t worry Mom” – but it’s too painful for me now, maybe in a year from now I’ll be able to tell you how wonderful he was. Today I only grieve his death. If you watch his recorded memorial service on the scholarship website you’ll be able to hear his brothers, friends and even Richard himself, to know who he was.

As a team we have a lot of work to accomplish, and Richard would have wanted me to keep going. He wrote a paper about EMC and cloud computing, he was proud that I work somewhere that was changing the way the world thinks about compute and data, I need to continue to be a part of that future.



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